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The "Illuminating Shea" (PRE-SALE ONLY)
The "Illuminating Shea" (PRE-SALE ONLY)
The "Illuminating Shea" (PRE-SALE ONLY)

The "Illuminating Shea" (PRE-SALE ONLY)

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Available for PRE-SALE Only

Illuminating Shea will be shipped after January 31, 2020

Saturate Your Skin with NOURISHING Moisture and an Amazing Golden GLOW.

Soothe eczema and severe dry skin.The Illuminating Shea is an all natural, chemical free blend of organic butters and oils. This combination of butters and oils were specifically formulated to hydrate and fortify the skin with prominent anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing properties. We enhanced our blend with pearl gold minerals that will illuminate your skin, and leave your skin with a phenomenal glow! The Illuminating Shea is a great option for ALL skin types, including sensitive skin! Check the full ingredient list here.

Why this Formula?

Every single mason jar is made to order by hand. This exclusive formula was specifically created to calm skin inflammation and give moisture to the skin while leaving a golden radiant glow on the skin. Allow your skin to flourish, look, and feel its best by applying organic plant based ingredients that your skin needs.

What is it packaged in?

It is pachaged in a 6oz Re-Usable and Recyclable Hexagon Cut Glass Mason Jar with a Gold Metal Air Tight Lid