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About Us

Illuminate Life Cosmetics LLC

Plant-Based Cosmetics with a Cause

Illuminate Life Cosmetics is proud to be home to the first ever Mattifying Illuminating Setting Spray & Toner

At Illuminate Life Cosmetics LLC, we create organic vegan cosmetic products that will heal and rejuvenate your skin as it enhances your overall glow. We utilize the healing, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties from nature to ensure a formula that is beneficial and gentle to the skin. All of our products are infused with high grade minerals that give a phenomenal golden glow to all complexions.  All of our products are alcohol, chemical and cruelty free. All products from Illuminate Life Cosmetics are handmade.

Illuminate Life Cosmetics is a conscious brand that promotes healthy skin, and individuality. We help to enable all people to see the beauty in themselves with and without makeup by offering skin healing organic vegan cosmetics for ALL skin types & tones.   

The Mattifying Illuminating Setting Spray & Toner

Combat the damage of chemical dense makeup and enhance your inner glow! We wanted to offer a versatile plant-based facial spray that will nourish the skin and give a phenomenal glow without leaving a dewy finish. Not only that, but we wanted to ensure this product will be beneficial for all skin types from Sensitive to Oily to Dry! The Mattifying Illuminating Setting Spray & Toner can also be used as a BOMB body shimmer spray! Each and every spray is hand made, mixed, and filled at home with lots of love.

The Illuminating Shea

We wanted to offer a rich natural moisturizer that would nourish all skin types (including sensitive skin) and give a gorgeous golden glow to all skin tones. The Illuminating Shea is enriched with organic butters and oils that have prominent anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. The mix exudes a soft aroma of lavender and peppermint. When applied to the skin the mix gives a soothing mild cooling sensation from the peppermint essential oil. The Illuminating Shea's formula is enhanced with high grade pearl gold minerals. Each and every mason is hand made, mixed, and filled at home with lots of love.

The Illuminating Dusts

We wanted to offer the highest grade and best quality illuminating mineral powders that would compliment all skin tones, benefit all skin types, and give a beautiful glow. Our Illuminating Dusts are also versatile as they can also be used as loose shimmer eyeshadows. Each jar is filled at home with lots of love.
A message from our CEO:
Hi, my name is Ashlee Shariya. I am the founder and CEO of Illuminate Life Cosmetics. As a working makeup artist with acne and eczema I constantly had to compromise the health of my skin to wear makeup that damaged my skin. I created Illuminate Life Cosmetics to offer a healthy, conscious and luxury experience to the makeup and cosmetic user. I am actively building Illuminate Life's product line. Expect more illumination in the near future! Thank you so much for supporting my business/baby Illuminate Life Cosmetics LLC.
XOXO Ashlee