Become an Illuminate Life Line!

Become an Illuminate Life, Life Line!

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Hi! My name is Ashlee Lombard. I am a Certified Makeup Artist and CEO of Illuminate Life Cosmetics. I have been performing and practicing Makeup Artistry for 6 years. As an owner of a small business start up, I am actively looking for innovative ways to grow and collaborate with others! Our Life Line Program is a collaboration between Illuminate Life Cosmetics and YOU! 

We are currently seeking beauty ,enthusiasts, gurus, and influencers to join the Illuminate Life Family by becoming an Illuminate Life Line! In return for the promotion of our brand you will receive exclusive discounts, and commissions!

*The amount of followers you have is not considered when accepting new Life Lines.

By becoming a Life Line you will receive: 

exclusive deals and offers ONLY for our Life Lines ! 

a 40% discount for you to use for any of our products! 

a 15% discount for all of your followers and supporters! 

10% commission for every person who uses your personalized discount code! 

If you are interested please click here to fill out a quick form so we can get some info from you!

How to make the most money as an Illuminate Life Line (these suggestions are included but not limited to):

Purchase any of our products for yourself to promote Illuminate Life Cosmetics using The Life Line 40% discount. 

Create youtube and instagram/facebook videos using our products. 

Display yourself using our products on yourself and any clients you may have. 

Take pictures from our Instagram and website to post on your social media pages. 

Post 3 - 5 times every week on your social media and/or social media stories.

• Any and everything you post that pertains to our brand or products should have your personalized discount code for your followers and supporters to use. 

If you are interested in becoming one of our AMAZING Life Lines please fill out this quick form here so we can get some info from you! 

*You will be emailed when (if) accepted into the Life Line Program.